Wrestling Club Part 2

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Wrestling Club Part 2

*** Continued from "/wrestling/">wrestling Club"...

I pulled out of Kyle and turned around to the voice that caught me fucking the hell out of Kyle?s /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass. It was Adam and Tim, two guys from the wrestling team.

?Hey Marc,? Adam called to me, ?I never knew that you were light in the loafers. What?s your /girlfriend/">girlfriend going to think??

I hadn?t really thought about my girlfriend finding out that Kyle and I sucked each other off and then I fucked him in his ass. All this was racing in my mind as I tried to come up with some explanation. But before I could say anything Kyle said calmly, ?Can?t your asses wait a half an hour? Jeez, I was just doing some recruiting.?

I was in total shock, ?recruiting?? Was Kyle trying to turn me gay? I mean, I wanted his cock in my mouth again, but I also didn?t think I wanted to be gay. Why all of this was going on in my head, Adam, Tim and Kyle were talking about something.

?Well, if we would have known that, we would have started ourselves.? I heard Tim say as I snapped back into the present situation. ?How far behind you are we??

?We only came once so far, Marc was working on number two?well you guys saw.? Kyle replied grinning over to me, I managed a forced laugh, my head still whirling. ?Don?t worry, Marc and I will catch you guys up.?

As Kyle walked over to Adam and Tim taking off their shirts from practice I managed to stammer out, ?What the hell is going on here? Are you all gay??

?Dude, we?re not gay, you know we all have girlfriends that we like to fuck.? Kyle answered. This was true; everyone here did have a serious girlfriend. ?I know you were enjoying yourself, that?s all we?re doing is having some harmless fun.?

Any other day, that answer would only lead to me asking more questions, but for some reason, I knew what Kyle meant, I loved wrestling with his sweaty hard body, it let me be more aggressive and forceful in sex, something I couldn?t do with my girlfriend.

That answer suddenly sunk in and I got a devilish smile and hurried over to Tim who was now down to just his briefs.

I noticed his cock was only about half erect, but looked like it could be about seven inches when it was at full attention. Before he could take off his /underwear/">underwear I kissed him hard and whispered, ?Let me help you with that.?

That was all Tim needed to submit and wrap his arms around me and let me have free reign. I wanted to lick Tim all over and taste his 5?10? body, but I noticed that Kyle already was sucking Adam off, so I slowly licked my way down Tim?s chest taking care off each nipple and every ridge on his six-pack abs. I shot my hand into his briefs and grabbed his now erect 7 inches of heaven, Tim moaned loudly, I knew he was mine.

I lowered Tim?s underwear and his cock sprung out and came to rest right in front of my face, begging to be sucked. I obliged it and started sucking those seven inches like my life depended on it. Tim kept moaning loudly, matching the moans coming from Adam, I could tell that they were both glad they walked in when they did to the dungeon.

Wanting to try my finger in Tim?s ass to get him to cum a lot in my mouth, I slowly started to back away and lower myself onto the mat. Tim, not wanting to let his cock leave my mouth followed me the entire way managing to slip out ?god, yeah? in the process.

Once on the floor, Tim started to slowly fuck my mouth, moving in and out methodically. I enhanced the motion by moving my head to speed up the fucking and force more of his rock-/hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in my mouth. I slowly groped my hand up Tim?s leg and found his ass. Tim must have known what I was doing because he moaned out, ?yeah, do it Marc, do it!?

That was all the invitation I needed to stick two fingers up his ass and start telling him to ?come hither.? His ass very quickly adjusted and Tim started moaning loudly. About three minutes later, Tim?s body became rigid and he moaned as he shot what seemed to be about 8 loads of cum down my throat. I don?t know how, but I managed to swallow it all.

About a minute later Adam came in Kyle?s mouth and we all laid in the dungeon for a minute, absolutely spent.

Kyle broke the silence, ?Now Marc, I don?t want to put you on the spot, but do you want to join our little group??

I needed only a seconds hesitation, ?Oh yeah, I?m in.?

?Good,? Kyle said with a wicked smile, ?that means that we have the perfect number, four, this calls for celebration.?

?You know what else calls for celebration?? Tim added, ?The swim team and basketball team are done with practice and gone, and the janitor called in sick today.?

?How do you know that?? Adam asked, getting to his /feet/">feet.

?Mr. Steven?s asked me if I didn?t mind making sure the locker room was locked because we would be the last guys in it.? Tim informed the group, ?We have free range in the locker room and showers!?

We gathered our clothes quickly and ran into the locker room, I couldn?t believe this. I had no doubt that this would be a night that I wouldn?t forget.

I threw my clothes into my locker and before I could turn around, two arms made there way around sexxxx video ful hd my waist and grabbed my still erect cock.

?Now its my turn for a taste,? it was Adam, I could feel his cock pressing against my ass, it had to be at least eight inches long and thick, ?I hope you saved some cum for me.?

?I plan on coming a lot over the next hour or two,? I replied, ?this is unbelievable.?

I turn around and kissed Adam, he kissed me back quickly and went to work right away on my cock. I could tell that he had sucked cock before, because he was by far the best at it that I ever had and ever have had since.

He pushed me down onto the bench and took in my cock fully and played with my balls, god, he felt so good. As Adam kept moving in slow, steady movements going the entire length of my cock, I noticed that his ass was sticking up in the air, as if inviting someone over. Tim must have seen what I saw too, and came over and positioned himself in line with Adam?s ass and slowly started to penetrate him. Adam stopped sucking for a moment as his ass adjusted to Tim?s cock, but then quickly resumed giving my man unit attention.

I started to wonder what happened to Kyle and kind of wished I could suck his cock again. If almost on cue, Kyle appeared at my side and presented me with the cock that I first xxx sex video download free com sucked in my life. I quickly consumed it all and the four of us started moaning all together.

The sucking and fucking kept up for about 5 minutes when Kyle moaned loudly and shot a few loads of cum into my mouth. This was all I needed to send about five shots into Adam?s mouth. Adam kept sucking me until all the cum was cleaned out of my man unit. A minute later Tim yelled and spasmed and came in Adam?s ass. I quickly turned to Kyle and told him that I never got to finish my reward for winning the contest.

?Then I think its time to hit the showers.? Adam replied with a smile.

We ran into the showers and turned them all on as hot as we could bear and clogged the drains with towels to make a steam room of sorts. We came back into the locker room to let our steam room fill up with steam. I walked in front of Adam and dropped to my knees.

?It seems that you are one behind the rest of us.? I told him. ?I think I can help out with that.?

I started to suck Adam?s cock, it was hard getting in his massive cock, but I did the best I could as he moaned his approval. I motioned over to Tim and Kyle who were kissing and rubbing their cocks together. I wanted all three in front of me so that I could service them all.

Tim and Kyle came over and the three of them started to make out while I switched between which cock I sucked while giving the other two hand jobs to keep them erect. I spent the majority of the time working on Adam?s member so that he could catch up with the rest of us. The combination of getting a blowjob and making out with two studs sent Adam over the edge and he shot three loads into my mouth.

Adam?s cum tasted so good, I could tell I would want more in the future. I then stood up and joined the other three in a four-way make-out session, while playing with their cocks. I wanted to make sure they stayed into this as long as I did.

We made out for a few more minutes when we looked over and saw that the shower room was now pouring out steam. We moved over, each other?s cock in hand.

When we came to the shower room we noticed that there was about a two inch lake of hot water forming in the center of the room because of the towels. We all ran towards it and slid into that wake, covering our bodies with hot water.

We stayed in the middle of the room. It was a tangled mess of four hot teenage bodies rolling around in a lake, kissing, licking and sucking body parts of someone?s body. No one knew who was doing what to each other in that moment of passion. The showers echoed moaning and people shouting ?oh yeah.?

Someone started to suck my cock, it had to be Tim, he was doing things with his tongue the other two hadn?t. He felt so good that I reached for the nearest cock to put into my mouth. My hands felt something very familiar, I moved closer and saw that it was Kyle?s perfect ass that I had been fucking not an hour ago. I moved closer and was about to turn him over so that I could suck him, but noticed that Adam was already attending to his manhood.

I went for the next best thing, I grabbed his ass and pulled him into my face. I started to nibble Kyle?s ass and heard him moaning his approval. I don?t know what came over me, but I stuck my tongue out and started to lick my way to his crack. I started to lick his hole, sticking my tongue deeper and deeper into him. This turned me on so much, I can?t even describe. Kyle must have enjoyed this because he started to push his ass into my face more and more.

The combination was too much for Kyle and his body stiffened up and he came in Adam?s mouth.

I then lifted Tim off of my cock telling him that I had my reward still to collect. Tim smiled at me and went over to Adam and started to make out with him.

I bent over Kyle and kissed him, letting our cocks engage in a swordfight. I let my hands follow his body up and slowly played with each of his nipples. I thought that Kyle would be so tired from coming three times in an hour that he would be on the verge of sleep, he wasn?t. Kyle grabbed my head and kissed me passionately and said, ?Are you ready to receive your reward??

I moaned, Kyle took that as a yes and stood up and moved over to an area where three showerheads were. Kyle turned them all so that they all shot at the same area and bent over so that his ass was right where the three streams met.

Now, since I was taller than Kyle, my cock was at the exact height as his ass. Since I had loosened his ass earlier and I was so turned on from before, I stuck my cock right in his ass. I had so much precum on my cock and his ass had so much of my saliva on it that my cock slipped perfectly in his ass.

I looked over to where Adam and Tim were and I saw that Adam was fucking Tim in the ass, but starting out slow. I had no intention on starting out slow, so I went in for full penetration right away. Kyle kind of screamed with pain right away but quickly started moaning in pure pleasure.

The combination of the precum and the constant water to lubricate us was heaven and I quickly had a nice rhythm going. Kyle started going in time with me so that when I penetrated him my balls would slap against his ass making a lovely noise.

A few minutes later, the combination worked its toll and I screamed that I was going to come.

?Fuck yeah!? Kyle cheered me on. ?Come in my ass!?

I only shot about two or three loads, but they were like rockets coming out and felt so good. A minute later Adam started to moan loudly and came in Tim?s ass.

We all met back in the middle of our lake and sat there taking it all in. Adam and Kyle started to make out slowly to cool down, I worked my way over to Tim to kiss him when I noticed his raging hard-on.

?You?re one behind, aren?t you?? I asked.

?It?s no big deal,? Tim replied, ?I?ll just fuck Sara later.?

?How about you fuck me?? I don?t know what made me say it other than the fact that everyone else got fucked and I was now part of the club, and I thought if any cock was going to fuck me first, I?d rather have the seven inch normal cock over the eight or nine inches that Adam had.

Tim grinned and got into the kneeling position. I quickly got into doggy-style and waited for his cock.

Tim was kind about it, he started with one finger and moved to two and three fingers, working until I was nice and warmed up. I felt his fingers leave my ass and knew what was coming, but it still caught me off guard.

My body tensed up and I felt pain in my ass when his head pushed in. I screamed softly and thought I was going to cry, but the pain soon turned into intense pleasure. I found myself quickly cheering him on and wanting Tim to go deeper and deeper in me.

Only a few minutes passed when I felt Tim?s body tense up and he started to moaned loudly. I reacted by shoving my ass so far back so that at the moment of Tim?s deepest penetration, he came.

It felt like someone was shooting a pressure hose in my ass, but it felt so good.

Tim pulled out and we kissed each other one more time before showering up and heading out.

?How often do you guys do stuff like this?? I asked.

?Whenever we can after practice,? Adam said, ?and sometimes we get a ?special? gathering on weekends.?

They all laughed at this, but I didn?t understand. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was 8:45, we had been fucking and sucking each other for over three hours!

?Shit, I?m late.? I said. ?I was supposed to be over at Jenny?s fifteen minutes ago.?

?Hey dude,? Tim asked, ?are you going to fool around with her??

?Probably,? I replied, ?I?m exhausted, but you know I like the ?tang?

?Well, then the first thing you do when you get to her house is to take her and give her a rim job.? Kyle added. ?Then you?ll officially be in the club.?

I left with those words, a little confused, but sure I wanted to be in the group. I hurried over to my girlfriend?s house and grabbed her as she answered the door and ran up to her room. I quickly locked the door and threw her on the bed. Jenny seemed to like this and didn?t object when I ripped off her pants and underwear.

I gave her the same rim job I gave Kyle earlier that night and heard her squirming. Jenny then grabbed my head and pulled me up to give me a kiss. We kissed and she whispered to me, half laughing, ?Looks like you got us into the club.?

*** To be continued in the ?Group Sex? section...