My straight Boy

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My straight Boy

We go into your room, you throw me against the wall, I rip your shirt
off and you kiss me, hard biteing my lip riping my hair so im all yours,
I throw yu on the bed and take of your pants, your cocks already fully
hard, pointing through your unddies, I go up to your mouth and kiss you,
then go down futher and futher kissing all the way down, suck on both
your nipples and keep white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie going down futher and futher liking each of your
abs till I get to the brim of your undies, taking them off with my teeth
your cock springs out and I start jacking it, while my mouth works on
your balls, your moaning and groaning throwing your hips up as my hand
continues to jack you off, then I move up with my mouth and go all the
way down your cock.

You grab the back off my head and force it uhp and
down your shaft, gaging on it but I keep going, I get back uhp to the
top and your cocks dripping out little bitts of precum, and I like your
shinny head, getting all the pre cum, you push me up and get on your
knees, unbuckling my belt ad ripping my undies and pants off in one go,
and my dicks right in your face, and you deep throat it, the whole
thing, from head to ball sac the whole thing down your throat, you start
to suck, back and forth going off tap, gettint the whole thing down.

Then you lower your head to my balls and take them into your mouth while
putting your other hand behind me and playing around with the outside of
my hole. You keep tounging my balls and working my cock with your hand,
jacking it faster and faster, my breathing gets faster and faster, and
you stick your finger in, I yell out in a mixture of pure plesure and
pain from having my ass entered, you come back up to my dick and go
straight back to sucking it, im moaning hips jerking with every up and
down, and your going in me faster and faster, opening me up for whats
to come, "fuck zac, just.. Fucking hell.. Im.. Zac. Fuck im close.. Like
right there" I moan trying to get the words out, but you keep going
sucking faster and faster and moving your fingers quicker. "FUCKING HELL
BABE" and I blow, my whole load, right down your throat and you take it

all down, load after load. You come off after a few minutes, and kiss me
straight on the neck, sucking and biting (you know how my neck is) then
you push me on the bed "my turn to cum" you turn me around and stick
your finger in again, working it, going faster and faster. "Zac. Stop ..
Stop fucking t.. Teasing me" you get on the bed, right behind me,
playing around my hole with your rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. "Zac fuck me. Now. Zac
hurry up you cunt" you put the head in, it hurts and I let out a gasp,
"I dont wanna hurt you Eric" you try to get out, "shut the fuck uhp
and fuck me you pussy" and I lower myself on your dick. And you push
right back I scream out, it hurts, in killing, but you go slowely, bit
by bit, in then out. Then you go faster and faster. Jamming it right up
me. "How that? You like my cock up you do you, huh Eric. Hows that,
take it all you cuhnt" you moan out.

Fucking me harder and harder, you pull ouit and put me on my back, putting your arms inbetween my leggs so
there up in the air, you have your whole cock in, balls hitting my ass
with everypound, you lower yourself while still fucking and kiss me,
hard. Biting my upper lip this time, but still fucking as fast as you
can, your chest rubbs against my cock, and I moan loud and long, non
stoping, then I blow all over our chests, " were do you want me to cum
slut?" you push out, your breathing getting more and more out of time.
"In me. Just blow in me zac" you come down for one last kiss, the warm
cum still dripping down your cheast, your tounge goes /crazy/">crazy in my mouth,
you jam it harder and harder, then your hips jerk and you blow, it just
keeps going, right up me. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv You keep fucking faster even tough your cuming
" hows that.. How.. Fuck.. Eric. Just. Jesus christ... ahh" then your
body goes ridgied, and you come out slowley. And fall right beside me,
looking in my eyes, " I love you za.." you kiss me before I can finish
the sentence. " shut up Eric, and fuck me in the shower" you get up, I follow and lead me to the shower.

The end