Watching Chick Flix

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Watching Chick Flix

 Susan and I had been best friends for the passed four years. We had met at a previous job and had hit it off very quickly. Our life styles were very different. My husband is a successful sales rep for a major computer company and hers is a construction laborer. We live in relative comfort while they live the life of the lower middle class. My husband is hard working and attentive; hers is often drunk when he is not at work. But despite the differences, we genuinely liked each other and enjoyed each others company.

Only in our looks were we similar, both being 39, about 56, and a little over weight: both /blonde/">blonde, though mine came a little more naturally than hers. My size 8 clothes fit her nicely and I often gave her clothes that I know longer cared for. She can even wear the same 36D bras that I have.

Even though our husbands had very different jobs and work ethics, they both had to travel a great deal in their respective jobs. It was not unusual then when Susan called me one afternoon to say that Randy was away and that she was bored.

"Carl is gone too," I told her. "Want to try to get together and do something tonight?"

"Sure. Say, Julie, want to watch some chick flix while the men are gone?" she asked.

I immediately thought about some of my favorite movies that my husband hated. Chick flix like "Sleepless in Seattle" or "Waiting to Exhale"; movies that just made Carl roll his eyes or go find something else to do while I got out the tissues for the tearful ending. This sounded like a pleasant way for us to spend time together.

"That sounds like fun. You bring the videos and Ill make the pop corn and break out some wine"

The rest of the day was spent tidying up the house and generally being domestic. I gave very little thought to what I should wear for an evening of Melanie Griffith, Meg Ryan, or Meryl Streep. I simply put on a pair of light cotton lounge pants and a matching tank top. Susan and I were comfortable around each other so I did not bother to put on a bra.

About 6:30 I poured myself a glass of wine and puttered around. The first glass of wine tasted pretty good so I had another. At 7 PM the doorbell rang. I answered it, and let my /friend/best-friend/">best friend in. She had a bag with the movies in it in her hand. She was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt.

"Oh good," she said, hugging me warmly, "Im glad to see you are dressed casz, too"

"Hey, its my house, Ill dress how I like!" We both laughed and she hugged me again. It felt nice to feel her sincere warmth. We broke apart. "You want some wine?" I asked her.

"Sure, that would be great, Julie."

"Get the movie set up, and Ill get some for you."

"I was surprised when you said you would watch chick flix with me. I normally have to watch them alone when Randy is gone." She said.

"I know, Carl doesnt like them either. I go through about a ton of tissue when I get to watch them" I laughed.

"You too?" She giggled. "Aint it great? Ill get one going. Bring me my wine, garcon."

We both laughed. It was so nice to be spending time with a friend. I poured her some wine and headed to the rec room where the entertainment center was. We also had a TV and VCR in the living room, but the rec room had a big overstuffed sectional couch that you could just sink into.

"Movies started!" she yelled to me.

I stepped into the rec room and turned the corner. I was expecting to see a familiar title on the screen like "Out of Africa" or "Steel Magnolias". Instead, I heard a twanging guitar riff, and saw the title "Blondes in Heat". Behind the titles, there were two naked /women/">women tonguing each others mouths and fingering each others pussies. I stood transfixed watching the scene. My mouth dropped open.

"Oh, thanks," Susan said taking the glass of wine, oblivious to my shock. "I picked out a couple of really good chick flix for us to watch. I didnt know what type you usually watch alone so I picked out this one, and another called "Lonely Wives" since that seemed appropriate to us tonight" she giggled. "What with both our husbands being gone".

I sat down at the far end of the couch from her, but still only three /feet/">feet from her, not sure exactly what to do. I had seen lots of porn before and even enjoyed a good deal of it with my husband as part of our lovemaking. It dawned on me what the confusion was. Obviously, the term chick flix meant something very different to my best friend. How to handle this?

I looked down to the other end of the couch. Susan was reclining back, her feet curled under her, looking very relaxed, and watching the movie. I could see her nipples had hardened under her t-shirt so I assumed she was enjoying the video already.

I looked up at the screen. Two blondes were sitting on a couch, kissing, their tongues exploring each others mouths. Their breasts were flattened each to the others. They each had a finger gently probing the pussy of the other. Their kisses strayed from their mouths and moved to cheeks, necks, and lower. They were laying side by side now, kissing and sucking the tits of the other. Next they were kissing tummies, belly buttons, and lower. Their thighs parted like a carefully choreographed dance. They were then licking, porn videos download sucking, and loving the pussy of the other. Their tongues probed pussies; their fingers probed ass holes. Their moans filled the room.

"This movie always gets me so hot. I go through a ton of tissue, just like you said. You got any handy?" I looked at her. I could see the lust in her eyes as she watched the lesbian scene. I could tell her breathing had increased by watching her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples rise and fall inside her t-shirt.

"Uhmmmm┘ yeah, sure" I got up and got a tissue box from the bookshelf and handed it to her.

"I get so wet watching this stuff, my panties will soak through to my pants if I dont keep it wiped up. You too, huh?" And with that, she took a tissue in her hand, reached down inside her sweat pants and actually wiped her pussy.

This was the /first-time/">first time I knew I had to address what was happening. She had asked me a direct question and there was no avoiding it. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind in a flash. I wasnt offended by what was on the screen. I was just shocked by the situation. This was all just a simple misunderstanding of the term "chick flix". Susan was my best friend and obviously was grateful to have someone that she thought understood her intimate needs, needs her husband did not understand, and someone that she trusted to share them with. The last thing I wanted to do was embarrass her. I decided that no harm could come of us sharing this experience as best friends.

"Sure, the damn thing is just like a faucet" I replied and smiled.

She giggled. "Aint it great? Looks like you like this video alright." She was looking at my chest.

I looked down. My nipples were clearly visible under my tight tank top. The video so far had had a pronounced effect on me. There was no denying what her eyes could see. I shrugged, smiled, and said, "Well, I have my fine points"

"So I see" She giggled.

By now, the scene on the video had changed. Two different tall blondes were in a kitchen together. One was fucking the other with a cucumber while sucking her delicious looking tits. The vegetable stretched her cunt lips wide. She worked her hips to meet each thrust.

Susan looked at me. "If only cooking dinner was always that much fun. I would never leave the kitchen." She giggled. "Need a tissue yet?"

While the video was making my pussy moist, I was not to the point of dripping. She took another tissue, reached down inside her sweat pants and wiped herself. I could see a slight shudder pass through her as the soft tissue rubbed over her labia. She laid the tissue on the coffee table in front of her with the other one. I could see her wetness glisten on it. But I thought, this could embarrass her if it is just a one-person thing. I reached out and took one. I had never touched myself in front xxx of another woman. She had seemed so un-self-conscious when she had wiped herself. I took the tissue and reached down inside my lounge pants. My hand was met with a raising heat and musky aroma from my pussy. I ran the tissue over my pussy lips. I caught my breath as I did so. It felt better than I had planned.