Late Bloomer

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Late Bloomer

Her eyes gleamed at me as she sipped her chai latte. Her heart-shaped face seemed to radiate a feeling of utter contentment I was just glad to be in the company of a truly sexy, down-to-earth female, with whom I had, less than an hour ago, a mind-blowing sexual encounter.

We decided to celebrate our concurrence by going to our favorite coffee shop. Seated at a corner table with no one near us, my feeling was that we could discuss any subject without worry of overactive ears.

So when she said, "You know sir, you have one fantastic dick," I just returned a wide smile not knowing exactly how to respond. Neither did I want to come off as egoistic or boastful, nor did I want to rudely brush off the compliment. So while sipping my own cup of chai, I merely nodded my head. Allowing my brain time to absorb her erotic declaration, her lips moved again.

"I"ve always been fascinated with dicks."

"Oh." I replied with raised eyebrows.

"I was one of those Catholic girls Billy Joel sang about."


"Yeah, I didn't get laid until eighteen at my senior prom."

"Do you remember his name?"

"Billy Cunningham"Do you remember the line in the "Four Seasons" song that said, "It was over much too soon"?"


"He was inside me for no more than five seconds before he came" Unfucking -believable!"

"Did he get you off?"

Her eyes widened. "With his tongue."

"How many times did you cum?"


"And you had never experienced a dick before?"

"Only as a touchy-feely thing. I"d been finger-fucked many times and I"d jerked off a few. But I"d never had a dick in my cunt until that night."

"Well from that session we just real forced anal against her will had I"d say you"ve come a long way, my dear."

"Let's just say, once I found out what wonderful instruments of pleasure cocks were, it was Katy bar the door."

I snickered. "Katy sure barred the door for us, didn't she?"

"Dave, I swear, I have never come that well for any man until tonight. I thank you sir, for those three fuckings!"

Again I was lost for words, but she continued.

"I just love saying that word".FUCKINGS! ".It was not just a fuck, they were three fuckings! And my cunt thanks you. She hadn't been fucked that well for some time. Three separate positions and I came after each one."

"You weren't so yourself Bonnie."

"I rode you first."

"Yes and I loved that. xnxxv sunny leone video Each time you lowered your pelvis I could see your eyes brighten, because I was really deep inside you, like maybe I hit your g-spot."

"You did, which is why I kept riding.... ...And when you came, I know the neighbors in the next apartment heard you."

"Fuck"em, I hear them all the time."

"Yes and then we did it doggie-style."

"Well you were still hard and you hadn't come yet, so why not take advantage. That's my favorite position!"

"It sure didn't take you long to cum that time.... ...Because you continuously stimulated my clit, I must"ve disturbed the neighbors again."

"And I was still hard!"

"And that's when you said, "Get on your back slut and spread"em,". That got my cunt wetter."

"You"re not kidding. I was so hard and you were so wet that I slid right in to the hilt on my first plunge."

"I will always be a slut for your cock!"

Again I just nodded.

"So I got off on all three fuckings!".But you only got off once."

"Hey, it's alright. Getting you off three times was my goal."

"Don't be so modest, I'll bet you still have so come left in your balls." That's when I felt a bare foot underneath the table touch my crotch.

I started to protest but she told me to "Shut the fuck up." The stimulation produced my basic instinct.

"Do you know that when I was in my dorm actually had a cock-sucking contest?" By now her wonderful foot stimulation had me gasping with pleasure.

"And this late-starting catholic girl won. I actually sucked off ten guys and I swallowed their cum." I could feel my face tighten as her foot did its thing.

But then she said, " I'm going to suck your cock right here!"

Before I could say "NO", she was on the floor under the table. When I felt her hand lower the zipper, reach in and pull out my rock-, I looked around to make sure nobody was witnessing this. When her lips went around the cap I thought I"d shoot right then, and when I felt her tongue circumvent it my whole body shook and I tried to stay calm. Somehow I did not come. Then slowly she licked her way down the shaft as she stimulated the head. When she licked my balls I could feel the juices and I sighed with my hand over my mouth. Then back up the shaft to the head, where she slowly engulfed my entire eight inches. It only took three ups-and-downs before she swallowed my entire load.

When I came one of the coffee-clerks behind a counter asked me if I was okay. By the time I shook my head in the affirmative, the lady on the floor was licking up all the leftover cum from my cock. She then situated my cock back in my pants, zipped me and shimmied back up to her seat.

We beamed at each other.

"Not bad for a late bloomer."

"Thank you, sir."