The Training of Melissa Chapter 3

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The Training of Melissa Chapter 3

Melissa had given birth to a healthy boy, whom she and Frank had named Damon. 2 months after her delivery, she would finally get laid again. Tonight, one of the other women would watch the child, so that she could resume sexual relations with her wonderful /master/">master. That was truly how she thought of the man who had enlightened her about her own true nature. She was glad to be a slave and looked forward to another possible orgy. That often happened in the house, as jealousy had become a dirty word around there.

She was not surprised when Lizzie, one of the other slaves, was present in her Master's bedroom. She and the other girls had been moved to another bedroom, only sleeping with their Master when he summoned them. At least one of them always slept with Master, being rotated as he saw fit. That didn't mean that she rarely had sex. She just did it in other parts of the house most of the time.

"Master wishes me to help you service him. Believe me, Missy, I am going to make sure that BOTH of you are satisfied. I've missed fucking you and having you lick me. All I've gotten to do to you lately is eat you out. As much as I like that, I badly want to use a strap-on with you. I especially have fun ramming that delicious ass of yours," Lizzie teased her.

"Just be sure to use lube with her, Lizzie. She's a little tight in that hole right now, since she hasn't had it up the ass for a while. I'll let you rim her ass for now, while she gets her pussy eaten by me. After that, I intend to pound her cunt again and you can /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-ass/">fuck her ass. However, I will fuck your butt after I cum in her sex, so be prepared for a taste of your own medicine, my dear slave," Frank warned the girl, though somewhat playfully.

"Yes, Master. Maybe you should butt-fuck me WHILE I slam Missy's /cute/">cute tush. That will let you do both of us at the same time in a way. It will also let me feel it from both ends. It's just a suggestion, Master, but I think that it will make the first round more fun for all three of us," she offered.

"I like that. After I'm done ramming your butt, though, you will have to clean my cock so it will be ready to invade Melissa's pussy. She'll want HER turn with me, after all," he agreed.

"Yes, Master," Lizzie replied.

"So, you're going to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass while Master plunders you anally? Then Master will fuck me? That sounds terrific, but will you please eat me now? BOTH of you! I'm horny, Master. I need your mouths on me," Melissa begged.

Frank gladly put her clit in his mouth and started sucking on it. He hadn't stopped eating her during the post-natal healing time. She tasted very good. He always enjoyed the taste of her pussy. He really delighted in getting her to cum, using her clit to do so. Of course, she generally had to put him first, but this was a special occasion.

Melissa would have been strained to hold off her /climax/">climax from the attention that her Master gave her. It was twice as difficult once Lizzie started rimming her incredible bottom. Her tongue slipped into Missy's butt-crack and excited the former stripper beyond what she had anticipated. Her /pussy/extreme-pussy/extremely-wet-pussy/">extremely wet pussy drenched Frank's face, which scarcely upset him. On the contrary, he relished the flavor and focused on making her finish her orgasm.

It took little time at all to succeed at this effort, causing Missy to groan with incredible pleasure. Frank then handed the strap-on dildo and thigh harness to Lizzie, who slipped them on and lubed them up. She also placed some lube on Melissa's sphincter, in order to ensure that she would not suffer too much pain. She then inserted her dildo into the other slave's /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole, making her grunt and wince.

Frank chose this particular thigh harness because its back was uncovered. He was able to put some lube on Lizzie's derriere and ramrod her rear end. She squirmed a tad as he entered her backdoor, but she quickly adjusted to the invasion. Her ass felt so stretched and filled as he slammed it, giving her intense feelings of pleasure. She then diverted her concentration from the cock up her hole to the strap-on that she plunged into Melissa's.

Missy felt the weight of 2 people press onto her sphincter, increasing the force of the penetration. This "train" was actually the most radical thing that had happened to her since Frank had moved in with her and brought his other women. Her butt was rather sore, though she didn't resent her Master's actions. In spite of the pain, she experienced a lot of pleasure too. Although it hurt considerably, she made no protest at the pressure on her ass.

The heat and tightness of Lizzie's butt, as well as the movements of her buns, soon stirred Frank to the point that he exploded in her tush. He pulled out and ordered the girls to change their positions. He told Melissa to rim Lizzie, cleaning the cum as it leaked from her backdoor. Then he stood in front of Lizzie and pointed to his cock.

"Open your mouth, slave. I want you to lick and suck my dick. You're to clean it and get it hard again for Melissa's pussy. She's a horny slut, just like you, and needs her fair share of cock," Frank milf porn videos commanded Lizzie.

Not even hesitating, Lizzie deep-throated her Master, tasting his dick straight from her own ass. He would expect it to be especially clean, as it would be the /first-time/">first time he had fucked Melissa's cunt in months and he didn't want her to develop a reaction from it. There would be no rashes from germs left over on his cock in her sex. She DID have some difficulty doing her job for a few moments, as Missy's tongue explored her sphincter and tossed her salad. That /sensual/">sensual feeling of a mouth eating her bottom pushed the much aroused Lizzie to a complete orgasm.

Once he was stiff enough, Frank went behind Melissa and thrust his manhood into her pussy. She flinched for a couple of seconds, as she adapted to his meaty member burying itself in her cunt for the first time in 12 weeks. He roughly grabbed her cheeks as he continued to push his /dick/large-dick/">large dick into her twat. There was no gentleness anymore. That was actually a good sign. It meant that he considered her healing period over and he was ready to start fucking her hard again. She was not only used to this wilder kind of sex; it was the type of act that most stimulated her. Her alpha male lover was TAKING her again, brutally making her his property once more.

He had a bit of cum left in his balls, but this forceful, vigorous mating caused him to release it the 2nd time that day. He spilled his seed into her cunt, filling her with his manly essence. Half of her hoped that he wouldn't knock her up again so soon, but another part ached to conceive by this virile man. Anyway, she reveled in being his slave and the mother of one of his children. She winked at Lizzie as they rested on the bed and the other slave reacted by French-kissing her. The taste of her ass didn't dissuade Lizzie, as Melissa noticed. Well, they were both in a good mood, blowjob porn videos having serviced and pleasured their Master.

"Lovely kiss, ladies, but playtime is over for tonight. We all need our sleep," Frank declared.

"Okay, Master. If we wake up first, though, can we play with your cock? We won't harm it. We love it and just want to use it as a toy. Pleeeeeeeasseee!" Melissa asked him.

"Very well, but nothing too intense. Alright, girls?" he insisted.

"Yes, Master," they agreed, right before they all closed their eyes and went to sleep that night.