First Sleepover

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
First Sleepover

My boyfriend and I were pretty excited that our parents agreed that we could have a sleepover at his place. Knowing that we could sleep in the same bed only made it more interesting.

We were partly watching some scary movie, but mostly kissing. We waited untill everyone in the house was asleep only anticipating the moment even more. He started to get that look in his face and it turned me on even more. He grabbed me by the waist and kissed me hard and started to take off my clothes and i did the same to him. He started kissing me down my neck and finally got down to my breats. He kissed them both before wrapping his lips around my /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples and swirled his tongue around them and gently nibbled on them. I was getting so wet and I could barely take it anymore I just wanted to fuck him already.

He placed his hand on my knee and slowly made his way to my inner thigh and finally made it to my moist pussy. He slipped two fingers in and he automatically hit my G-spot and I moaned in pleasure. He smiled at me and kissed his way down my belly and started sucking on my /sweet/">sweet spot. I grabbed his hair while I moaned in /ecstasy/">ecstasy. He thrusted his fingers in and out harder and faster and I grabbed the pillows and bit a blanket to muffle my moans. I relised that I was about to come so I tried pushing him away and he said teasingly "No baby, I'm not stopping 'till I make you squirt all over".

He dug in deeper and sucked on my clit harder and he moaned with me as I came all over his face and he sucked up every little bit of it. I bokep sma pecah perawan smiled at him and said, "mmm baby that was so good, now it's your turn". I lunged towards him and took him as far as I could in my mouth. I went up and down on his throbbing cock slowly, and I swirled my tongue around it while I was going down. He started to grunt and I knew he was getting close. I sucked him as hard as I could and I said "I want you to come in my mouth baby" and he went stiff and his first load sprayed straight back into my throat and i let that drip down my chin.

 The next few I let hit my tongue and I swished it around and then swallowed it. He massaged the come on my lips and then pushed it into my mouth. He pulled me towards him and started kissing and sucking on my tits and then he slowly plunged his dick deep inside me making me gasp and grab his back. He pulled out and teased me with the head of his dick and I begged him to old waman xxxgx fuck me. He, again, slowly plunged his cock inside my dripping pussy and started pumping harder and faster.

I was moaning so loud that I was afraid that his /mom/">mom could hear us but I guess she's a deep sleeper. He started fucking me as hard as he could and I was so close to coming again and I could tell he was too. I was just about to orgasm and I gasped out "come inside me baby" and as I said that he pumped three more times before his warm load burst inside me and at that moment i started coming and it started squirting out beside his dick.

We both let out one last gasp and he collapsed on top of me and we stayed like that untill the next morning.