Hotel California

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Hotel California

I had arrived in San Francisco earlier that day and had spent the day making calls. It was a beautiful day sunny and hot as I was heading back to the hotel that was located on the edge of China town. As I full hd xvideo download arrived I approached the bell man's desk. Standing behind it was a /cute/">cute 5”3” Chinese mix bell boy with round glasses and a bright smile.

” Good evening sir,” he said with enthusiasm. He was defineately a mix as his eyes were more round than slanted, his hair was fine and wavy, and chestnut brown rather than black. He had a cute round face, and jumped from the desk with enthusiasm.”

” Good day,” I said smiling back. ”I came by this morning, can I get my suitcase.””

”Go ahead and check in, my name is Marvin and I'll bring the bag up to your room,” He instructed, and turned for the bag room. I checked out his behind as he walked away, it was small, but cute and barely held up his pants which were dropping from his thick frame. His shirt tale half /hung/">hung out, like someone not used to wearing this type of clothes.”

I then proceeded to go over to the check out desk, on my way over to the checkout desk I glanced back at Marvin and surprisingly made eye contact with him as he appeared to be checking me out. We both were surprised and a little embarrassed. We both quickly looked away and went back to what we were doing. I proceeded to the front desk to check in and headed up to my room.

The room was great and I crashed on the bed. The room was a little warm so I quickly jumped up to take off some clothes. I was quickly down to a T-shirt and boxers and then relaxed. While waiting for the suitcase I started to think about Marvin the bell boy and my loins started to tingle.”

I remembered his face, clear of any facial hair except for under his chin. How his round eyes were highlighted by his round glasses and how when he grinned you could see both the top and bottom rows of his pearly teeth. I also remembered his butt, so small his pants were sliding down, and imagined me tugging them down to expose his vertical smile. Quickly I realized this was getting me no where except with a hard-on that would embarrass me further.

I sat there and realized that I needed a shower. After a hard day of making calls I was kind of ripe. I took a wiff of my arm pits and got a snoot full. I reached down to adjust my balls which were all sweaty, and took a wiff of may hand afterward. Not /bad/">bad I thought, if I could only lick myself.

Just then there was a knock at the door. I hollered ”Come in,” and Marvin came in smiling.

”Hello again Mr. Finnie, I have your bag.” Marvin said as he entered and looked me in the eye. He threw the bag up on the bed.”

”Sorry for taking so long, I got caught by a bus of old ladies, my third today. Now I am sweating like a pig” he explained. And he was right, I could see his shirt was sticking to his skin revealing a thick build that expanded at his waist with a small tummy and minor love handles that thinned into his tiny butt. "When I am done in a half an hour I am going to head for the shower."

”The hotel is pretty hot, how do you turn on the AC?” I asked as I starred into his dark eyes.

”Not working right now, but they say it should be back up in about an hour.” Marvin said apologetically.

”Then take a break, come on I'll buy you a beer from the mini bar,” I suggested

Marvin hesitated ”Thanks Mr. Finnie, but my boss would kill me,” he finally said as he headed out the door. ” Have a good evening Mr. Finnie” he said as he opened the door.

”You too Marvin, and call me Jack” I yelled as the door closed.

Just then my cell phone rang with a customer who had a problem. I must have been speaking to him for about 45 minutes when there was a knock at the door. I went over to open the door as I was talking to the customer. It was Marvin! There he was as sweaty as ever with a bag of cold bear in his hand. I just let him in and pointed to the phone. He just nodded and sat on the bed and cracked a couple of beers and gave me one. I just sat on the chair and stared at Marvin while walking the customer through his problem. After a couple of minutes he pointed to the washroom and went inside. Shortly thereafter my customer free porn movies download was finished and I hung up.”

I could hear Marvin releaving his piss into the toilet as he had left the door open about 6 inches. You got to love the sound of a guy taking a piss, and Marvin added to it by letting a couple of small farts go. Marvin soon flushed and I expected to see him come out , but he lingered. Finally I decided to have a peak through the gap in the door. I could see Marvin through the reflection in the mirror. He was admiring his cut dick and balls in the mirror like I sometimes do. It was very cute maybe around 3” long, light purplish and slim. Hi balls hung quite a bit lower and were actually quite large. He lifted his cock up and shook it between his fingers and used his other hand to reach under his balls, and then gave his hand a sniff. My dick was getting very hard, and the sweat started to run down the side of my face. Man it was hot, I thought as a bead of sweat ran down the center of my back and right into the crack of my butt. Marvin started packing his package back into his pants and I backed up to the chair and sat down.

Marvin entered and gave me a toothy grin, ”Hi Jack, I hope you don't mind, but I thought I would take you up on that beer,” he explained ”Besides I feel bad that the AC is still not working.” Marvin appologized as he sat on the bed in front of me. His eyes quickly drifted down to my crotch as I am sure he could see the remnants of by boner.

”Yeah, I am sweating my Balls off” I said a I took a long drink of my beer.

”I can tell,” Marvin said mischeviously as he stared between my legs.”

I looked down and discovered one of my balls hanging out of the gap in my boxers, and quickly pushed it back in and covered up. ”Sorry man, I am so embarrassed” I said sheepishly as my face turned red as a tomato.

”Don't be Jack,” Marvin soothed me. "Happened to me once before, with my aunt, I thought she was going to faint. Do you mind if I take off my shirt?” Marvin asked.

I could hardly speak, so I nodded yes, and watched as Marvin unbuttoned his shirt and hung it by the door. Then took off his shoes and socks and came back towards the bed. ”That feels better, so do you just have one ball, or do you have a pair like the rest of us?” Marvin asked in a miscevious tone.

We both started to laugh uncontrollably, and the tension was releaved. We took a couple of more sips from our beer and relaxed.

”So can I have a look?” Marvin asked and the tension went right back up.

I knew what he meant but felt inclined to ask ”Look at what?” I replied and Marvin gave me the biggest toothiest grin yet.

With that response I just stood up and walked towards Marvin. When I got about a foot away he reached forward, pulled down my boxers and proceeded to survey my ” /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick, and cradled my sweaty balls. He then pulled back his hand and gave it a shiff as he looked me in the eye.

”Sorry man, I meant to take a shower” I said apologetically feeling embarrassed again.

”I don't mind if you don't” Marvin said with such enthusiasim that it jerked my cock to a full erection.

Marvin dropped to his knees and began to lick my dick up and down, pausing at the "V" under the head. his twirling tongue drove me /crazy/">crazy and started running my fingers through his now soaking wet hair. He realeased my cock and used his tongue to twirl my sweaty pubic hair He then proceded down and took my balls into his mouth, one after the other and gave them a thorough cleaning. I was looking down at him and drips of sweat started dropping from my chin and nose onto Marvin below. He then returned to my dick and took it into his mouth in full. My dick is about 5 ” hard so it was a perfect mouthful and he took it all as his nose nussled my short and cirlies. After all that I couldn't hold back any longer and started to jerk as I shot load after load into his mouth, which Marvin received without a flinch. I had to steady myself on Marvin as I almost lost may balance in the aftermath of my orgasm, and collapsed on the bed.

Marvin lied beside me as I caught my breath. ”Jack you taste and smell so good” he said as he rolled towards me.”